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Top 25 Interesting Facts about Computer Virus

Interesting Facts about Computer Virus

hi everyone today I am giving you a information about Top 25 Interesting Facts about Computer Virus.i hopes you like it.

If you are a computer user then you are familiar with viruses very well. In today's time, computer viruses have become a big problem for computer users.

There is no one in this era of computers that do not want to run the computer, but the computer hanging or damaging virus almost everyone dislikes, let's know some Interesting Facts about Computer Virus.

Interesting Facts about Computer Virus

1. Computer Virus is created for interrupt computer work.

2. Computer Virus is programmed to copy itself and it goes from one computer to another.

3. Computer Virus mostly spreads through pen drive. 

4. Many people consider malware and computer viruses to be the same, but it is not so much that both are different.

5. Computer Virus is one type of 'Malware'.

6. The first PC Virus was made by the two brothers of Pakistan.

7. Computer Virus was originally defined by Friend Cohen in 1985.

8. It is common for Computer Virus to be Data Corrupted.

9. the loss of million Dollar every year because of Computer Viruses.

10. Design of Von Neumann's self-reproducing computer program is considered to be the first computer virus.

11. The name of the first Windows virus was WinVir.

12. There is no computer in the world that is completely safe from computer viruses.

13. The first computer virus was Creeper Virus which was seen in 1970.

14. Malicious software is a software that can harm your computer or its security just like a virus. Most males who make malicious software are only 14-25 years old.

16. Currently, there are 3 Threats of Malicious Software that have viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.

17. 70% Virus Writers (who make viruses) work for an organized crime syndicate.

18. In 1999, a virus called Melissa was so impressive that it forced Microsoft and many large companies to shut down their e-mail system.

19. 40% of US household computers have become victims of one or more computer viruses.

20. 90% of the email contains malware.

24. the virus cant come to our computer via reading email but we open the link in the email then virus comes to your computer.

25. There is no restriction in the formation of the virus yet in many countries including the United States.

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