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Top 10 Mistakes while charging your phone

Top 10 Mistakes while charging your phone

Top 10 Mistakes while charging your phone

Hi, friends welcome to the Technical world. today talk about Top 10 Mistakes while charging your phone.while charging our smartphones we are doing some mistakes that's why our Smartphones charge 50% slowly even with fast charging technology and it will damage our phone also.

Let's see what mistakes we are doing if your doing this mistakes then stop doing this

1. Charge your phone with genuine charger avoid cheap charger

This is the biggest mistakes by us. If our original charger dead then we charge with the other cheap charger. friend this is the biggest mistakes. cheap charger manufacturers never include safety like fluctuation and overcharging.with adapter fail then it will damage your phone or the battery. and they use cheap materials for making the chargers. you will never use these chargers for long. after sometimes the charger will dead. and after the 15 to 20 days use its cable or adapter capability over and its slow down your charging speed.

Use genuine brand charger like Samsung, xiaomi, Sony, Nokia, etc. if your phone is Samsung and you use sony or any other genuine brand charger then it is good because they tested their product. and they include safety mechanism on it that will never damage your phone or battery.

so always use a genuine brand charger to avoid damages.

2. Remove protective case while charging avoid to charge with the protective case

the 2nd mistake we are doing is we can charge our phone with protective cover. but its totally wrong. while charging there is some heat generated and you put the cover on it there is no place to reduce the heat And its harmful for your phone.This can act as a barrier and slow down heat dissipation. If possible, try to flip the phone over while charging.

Not only when you charge your phone but while playing heavy games your phone also warm so don't do this mistakes while charging your phone. 

3. Fast chargers always not the best option

we all want to charge our phone fast but the fast charging is not always the best option. it is not good for our battery for long life.

This process involves a higher voltage to be sent to the phone's battery, which results in a rapid rise in temperature.This process involves higher voltage which lets to high temperature. So, make sure to avoid using fast chargers.

4. Avoid using third party battery apps

Avoid using third-party battery apps. Most of them affect battery life negatively as they constantly run in the background, aggressively shut down other apps; some take over the lock screen to load advertisements and even recommend apps that will further optimize your smartphone. Also, do not fall for the browser ads that con you into installing an app because your phone is "apparently" low on memory.

5. Avoid Using Phone While It’s connected to Powerbank

As we all know, using a smartphone while charging might not be a good idea. So, you should avoid using your phone while it’s connected to the power bank. Using your phone while connected to Powerbank will increase the internal temperatures and shorten battery life.

So, these are the six common things you should never do while charging your smartphone. Therefore, make sure to avoid these mistakes to improve your battery’s lifespan. Hope you like the post, share it with your friends too!

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6. Avoid Constant battery charge

We always charge our smartphone when it reaches the 50% battery. However, that’s not the best thing to do.we put our phone on charge when its reach 20% of charge.according to Studies, its claimed that unnecessary and frequent recharges shorten the lifespan of the battery.

7. Don't use cheap(unauthorized) Powerbanks

The best way to provide your smartphone an extended battery life is to have a power bank. However, while buying a power bank, you need to notice few things like your power bank should have protection against voltage surge, short circuit, overcharging etc and check that it is authorized or not. These features will make sure that the battery of your smartphone lasts longer.


8. Do not play Games While charging your phone

Everyone loves to play games on their smartphones. Nowadays games are so addictive that we can’t live without them. if gaming is the main reason behind your battery draining, then you should stop to play games while charging. This will not only charge your smartphone fast but will also cause overheating issues. sometimes when you charge your phone and you play games and you notice that your battery drain while charging your phone. 
so don't play games while charging your phone.
android ios battery drain

9. Never Leave Your Phone To charge overnight

We always left our phones plugged in overnight for charging. We just need to cut this practice. Charging overnight affects battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone overheat. Therefore, make sure to unplug your charge when you feel it is sufficiently charged.

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10. Always Charge your phone 80% don't charge it 100%

We all know that 80% charge is enough for a day, and it’s ideal for overall battery life. Crossing the 80% mark can make your battery to overheat, thereby affecting battery’s life. So, it’s not necessary that your smartphone should always be topped up to a maximum.

I hope you like our article on Top 10 Mistakes while charging your phone.

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