Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vivo new Under Display Fingerprint Scanner Smartphone

Vivo new Under Display Fingerprint Scanner Smartphone

we talk about an under display fingerprint scanner smartphone. its surprise that Vivo has invented under display fingerprint scanner smartphone.the smartphone is not named yet, and it not gonna launch in earlier 2018.I think we have to wait until the end of 2018. but still, we have that technology now, and its surprise that vivo&Synaptics invent it. its still dream for Apple and Samsung
Vivo and Synaptics made partnerships for this smartphone, and it’s called Synaptics Clear ID, it is powered by an optical scanner, which can only work on OLED displays as of now, as Vivo describes. Also, the Display this smartphone is running is made by Samsung, but according to Synaptics, it can work on any OLED Display.
So, soon we will be able to see this Technology on some other phones as well. However, for under display fingerprint sensors, the prices of the smartphones will go high, as the OLED displays are expensive and the Companies that use Full HD displays to cut down the prices of their Smartphone (Oneplus) will have to again raise the price of their next Flagship Killer(i think so???).

Talking about this smartphone, it has a 6-inch Samsung OLED panel and, a dual camera at the back, other specs of this device are not known at this point. but we will keep you guys updated as soon we get any info.
So, what do you think of this device, you wish to have it? let us know in the comments.
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