Sunday, January 28, 2018

Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks 2018

Cool WhatsApp Tricks

Here are the WhatsApp tricks to make you a power start the tricks with the technical world.the tricks are given below

1. Share live locations

WhatsApp gives you an option to share your location from last few years but after the new update whats app add new features to share your live location it means real-time location.

how to share

  • click on the file option you see the icon. then click on it.

  •  then there are 2 more option 1 live location and 2nd is normal location 

  • select live location 
  • select time period that how much time you have to share your location with WhatsApp friends

  • And post it in your group or friends chat they will track you

2. how to read deleted Message 

we all know that whats app released a new feature that you can delete your whats app message but if you want to read those messages here is the trick for reading delete messages.

Steps to read messages 

Step 1 Android users download the application notify log the link is given below.

step 2 click on the menu on upper right corner

Step 3 click on the exclude apps  

Step 4 then check the WhatsApp application from the list

after this, you will see the all notification here. if your friend sends you message and deletes it then go to the notify app and see the notification that what he/she sent.

3. create gif

WhatsApp has introduced one of the most desirable features of the messaging app – GIFs. WhatsApp itself. In addition to the ability to search and send GIFs from Giphy or Tenor, you can now make your own GIFs in WhatsApp by converting them from the video. Any video that’s six seconds or shorter can be converted into a GIF within. However, we should note that we can only create GIFS using videos that are saved on our smartphones.

How to create gif

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat of the contact to whom you would like to send the GIF.
  2. Tap the attachment icon (the paperclip).
  3. Select Gallery.
  4. Select the video that you want to convert into a GIF.
  5. Edit the video as you like with a length not more than 6 seconds.
  6. In the video editor that appears, tap the camcorder icon on the top right. You should see GIF appear in its place.
  7. Take the slider towards GIF and add the optional message and click send.

4.Formate text

WhatsApp now allows its users to add bold, italic and strikethrough formatting to your text We can format the text in our messages quite easily by using a simple trick.
  1. Bold text: By surrounding it with the * (star/asterisk) symbol.
    Example: *Here you go *
  2. Italic text: By surrounding it with the _ (underline/underscore) symbol.
    Example: “_ Hi _”
  3. Strikethrough text: By surrounding it with the ~ (tilde) symbol.
    Example: “~How are you.” in different languages

WhatsApp now supports a number of Indian regional languages apart from English.
To type in a different language, open WhatsApp  > Go to Settings > Click on Chats > Select App Language. You can now pick the language you like to type in.
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