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Tips To Hide Apps on Android Device

Hide Apps On Android Device

you have a lot of reason why you might want to hide your apps on your android phone. Whatever the reason to hide your phones applications, there are different Android tips and tricks you can hide apps on the android phone and lock apps.
In my case, I am using these apps to hide my personal data such as photos, videos, PDFs, files, apps etc. so, no one can be taken from it by using my phone. If you also want to keep your phones Apps, photos, videos and other documents hidden like me, then this tutorial will definitely help you. OR, if you only want to Hide SMS and Call Logs on Android OR Hide Whatsapp Video, Audio, Image files from Gallery that we already wrote it.

How to Hide Apps on Android

There are some working tips which will help you to hide apps on android, you can use any one of them.

Use Third Party Launcher to Hide Apps

There is the lot of best Android Launchers that helps to hide apps on android. Here we will talk about Android launcher called APEX Launcher. Below we are sharing the step-by-step guide to hiding apps on android using Launcher.
Tips To Hide Apps on Android Device

  • First of all, you will have to download and install Apex Launcher from Google Play Store. After installation simply GO to Apex Setting but if you are already using any other Android Launcher that first Go to Android setting > Home Set Apex Launcher ( to use Apex Launcher on your phone)
  • Then Go to Apex Settings > Drawer Setting > Hidden Apps.
  • In the “Hidden Apps” section, select apps (by checking in Checkbox) which you want to hide and click on “Save” (located upper right corner)
  • After completing this setup, you would not see those apps which you hide.
To show those hidden apps just follow the same process and uncheck than save. Now, you will able to see all of these apps again. You can use other launchers also like NOVA, Apex Pro etc to hide apps.

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Hide apps with AppLocker

You can use the best approach for Android to secure your app from others. You just have to install these Applock and make security lock on your apps. We are sharing some of the popular app locks to hide your apps on android.


This is one of the best and most downloaded Applocker apps on Google play store. This app locker is able to hide or lock you all apps on your phone like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, settings and any app you choose.
You just have to follow given simple steps to hide your any app using App lock
Tips To Hide Apps on Android Device

  • First of all Download and Install Applock from Google Play Store
  • After installing open the app and set your pattern and submit your recovery email address for recovery when you forget your pattern.
  • Then simply tap on your required apps to lock which you want to lock. That’s it.

These Are the tips for the hide android apps.Thanks for reading our article. Subscribe Us 

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