Monday, January 22, 2018

How To Know Who Unfollow You On Instagram

How To Know Who Unfollow You On Instagram 

Welcome to the technical world. Today we are talking about the Instagram.We all know that nowadays Instagram is the biggest social media platform. everyone wants more like and more followers. but some people feel like they Are celebrities that's why they make a high number of followers and less following so they follow us first then after we follow them then they unfollow us that's really annoying. that is why today we talk about the Instagram unfollow tool

I tried some of the most popular tools for this problem. 

Unfollow today

With this tool, we find that who unfollow us on Instagram.its a very easy tool. I saw you it's all steps that how we use it.

Step 1

First Of All download the Unfollow Today. The link is given below


Step 2

After the download open this app you see the screen like this

Then log in to Instagram and Twitter 

Step 3

After the login to your account, you see screen like this that given below

Then click the  Menu icon.

Step 4

Then click on the not follow back

Step 5

Then Click on Cross Icon and you unfollow them

Be Careful of Apps That Promise This

The big lesson from this article is that you need to be more careful about which apps you authorize to get your Instagram data. In the quest to find out who unfollowed you, you might be giving your data to apps that aren’t trustworthy. Remember, your privacy (and security) are at stake here.

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