Friday, December 22, 2017

Apple: Apple confirms it's slowing down your old iPhone

Apple confirms it's slowing down your old iPhone

 after years of speculations, Apple confirmed that it has been reducing iPhones’ performances as the batteries age by implementing power management features. The mobile giant came up with the explanation that it has been doing so to improve performance and prevent unexpected shutdowns, but this admission hasn’t gone well for the company. Apple has been hit with a first class action lawsuit.
The lawsuit was filed by the residents of Los Angeles, Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas, represented by Wilshire Law Firm, with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The lawsuit accuses Apple of slowing down older iPhone models when new models come out and causing users to suffer the value of older devices.
“Defendant breached the implied contracts it made with Plaintiffs and Class Members by purposefully slowing down older iPhone models when new models come out and by failing to properly disclose that at the time of that the parties entered into an agreement.”
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As stated in the lawsuit, Bogdanovich and Speas have owned the iPhone 7 and several older iPhone models and have noticed that their “older iPhone models slow (sic) down when new models come out.”
According to them, Apple has been doing this without their consent, nor were they able to “choose whether they preferred to have their iPhones slower than normal.”
The lawsuit is seeking both California and Nationwide class action certification, which would cover all the iPhone owners residing in the United States with models older than iPhone 8.
The lawsuit further demands the replacement of the old iPhone and compensation for loss of use, loss of value, the purchase of new batteries, and over-payments because owners “did not receive what they paid for” when Apple interfered with the usage of their mobile phones.

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