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Friday, November 3, 2017

New Sony Robot Dog

Sony is back, and it recently announced a new version of the Sony Aibo, everyone's favorite robotic  dog. Sony has been out of the plastic pooch business for  11 years, and the 2017 version is well-furnished for the smartphone era with LTE and an app and the robot is only for sale in Sony's hometown of Japan.
The Aibo tries to replicate a real dog . The new version has 22 axes of motion. The legs let it walk, shake hands, sit, play with a ball, scratch a digital itch, and do many of other dog things and  tail wags,  ears move,  mouth opens, and  head turns and tilts, making it seem rather expressive in  videos.

Aibo is equipped with a "64-bit quad-core CPU," touch sensors on  head, chin, and back for pet detection, a speaker for Notice&Marking dog noises, and four microphones for voice commands. Aibo has  OLED puppy dog eyes, which is  blink and wink, but it actually "sees" via a nose camera and a SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) setup in the mouth.
It's Just like a real dog,  Aibo is pretty expensive.  Aibo costs 179,000 yen (about $1,739 US) through Sony's online store. And while you get to skip out on the daily kibble bill, you'll Possibly still need to feed your pup a steady diet of mega-bytes.  Aibo pull you to paying  three years of an Aibo  plan  a $26.15 For month (there's also a  another payment option for about $789). This fee goes Against LTE access for the pup and access to Sony's cloud infrastructure. The monthly fee is not only mandatory, but, if you don't pay for the full three years, you'll be subject to a cancellation fee of $86 plus $4.39 for each remaining month left in the contract.

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