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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Iphone Concept For Next Generetion

The newest concept idea about iPhones that are currently running in the tech market comes from a South Korean designer Samuel Lee Kwon, who has given this smart and sexy concept of iPhone NextG/Gen. Wanna know what’s so exciting about this little piece of innovation? Well, here are its specifications and everything necessarily required for you to know about this smartphone.

iPhone next g is supposed to sport a wrist watch concept. Something that you can easily wrap around your wrist, saving you the trouble of carrying it in your pocket or handbags. It is suggested to incorporate a highly interactive holographic display, literally a tiny wrist worn projector on the user’s palm. It will have a small primary touchscreen display which will be used to navigate the projection menu. It will also have a lumens brightness strong enough to provide display even under direct room-light conditions.

Although it may seem a little impossible at the moment due to the restricted ability of the lumens brightness under direct sun light, but from where I see it, soon this concept will be turned into a reality, and the users will be able to freely use this smart concept device outside.
All in all, this concept is something that I’m willingly looking forward to and I sincerely think every technology geek out there and I have this feeling in mutual.

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